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Episode 6: Trap & Dogs


EP 05 - Hunting Blind

Episode 5: Hunting Blind


Bret Amundson and Trevor Montgomery from Tazin Lake Lodge (Right) hold a lake trout that measured 48 inches long by 30.5 inches around. (Northland Outdoors)

Episode 4: Tazin Trout

EP 03 - Living Legacy






Episode 3: Living Legacy


EP 02 - Mille Lacs Mystery






Episode 2: Mille Lacs Lake Mystery


EP 01 - Minnesota Opener






Episode 1: Minnesota Opener


Northland Outdoors is about so much more than the biggest fish or the hottest hunting spots. Join us as we explore the culture and traditions of the Upper Midwest. We’ll introduce you to interesting people with amazing stories, and take you on some of the most exciting outdoor adventures in the Northland. Experience the outdoors.


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