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Minnesota walleye stocking: By the numbers
Anglers are never far from a lake where they can catch walleye in Minnesota. Fish stocking keeps it that way.
Monday, June, 22, 2015 - Northland Outdoors - None

All eyes on walleyes
Early spring means anglers can expect a more typical Minnesota walleye opener this year, but low water could present challenges. The half-million or so anglers venturing out for this year's Minnesota walleye opener will encounter a drastically different fishing scenario than they have the past two years.
Monday, May, 04, 2015 - Forum News Service - None

Walleye Shutdown? Mille Lacs Lake catch nearing walleye limit
Mille Lacs Lake is nearing its limit for walleye fishing,The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources announced Tuesday. A creel survey conducted last week on estimated walleye harvests, releases and kill on Mille Lacs Lake during the first two weeks of July showed drastic increases that could result in the state reaching the limit by July 29, the DNR said in a release.
Thursday, July, 23, 2015 - Northland Outdoors - None

As state fishing season opens, bass leaping from walleye
ST. PAUL -- Bass in Minnesota have long lived in the shadow of the walleye, the official state fish. But on Saturday, the celebrated opening day for walleye
Saturday, May, 09, 2015 - Northland Outdoors - None

Walleye decline affecting Mille Lacs Lake
ST. PAUL -- A Minnesota Department of Natural Resources official says a significant drop in the Mille Lacs Lake walleye population is
Sunday, April, 26, 2015 - Northland Outdoors - None

Walleye restrictions to start on Upper Red Lake
BEMIDJI, Minn. -- Walleye regulations will become more restrictive on Upper Red Lake starting Jan. 23 because of a record December walleye harvest, according to a release from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.
Monday, January, 19, 2015 - Forum News Service - None

AnglingBuzz: The Walleye - Mayfly Connection
While April showers bring May flowers, names can be deceiving. Mayflies, for example, are usually most abundant throughout the northern states in June & July, and often play a key role in early summer walleye fishing.
Friday, July, 03, 2015 - Northland Outdoors - None

Mille Lacs likely to see tight walleye regulations again this summer
One thing is certain about this summer's walleye regulations on Mille Lacs Lake: They're likely to be at least as restrictive as last year's, when anglers were allowed to keep just two walleyes between 18 and 20 inches, with one over 28 allowed in the limit.
Sunday, March, 22, 2015 - Forum News Service - None

AnglingBuzz: Snap jigging triggers savage walleye strikes
Jigging for walleyes has traditionally been a slow, subtle, meticulous affair. Keep your line as short and vertical as possible to maximize feel and control. Use short, gentle, up-down strokes of the rod tip to alternately lift the jig a few inches, then let it fall back on a semi-taut line until it touches bottom.
Thursday, June, 04, 2015 - Northland Outdoors - None

Walleye harvest approaches quotas on Red Lake: Two-fish limit likely in Minnesota waters for May 9 opener
Anglers on Upper Red Lake likely will face continued conservative regulations this spring as fisheries managers look to rein in a walleye harvest that is beginning to creep past target levels on Minnesota's 48,000-acre portion of the lake.
Monday, March, 30, 2015 - Forum News Service - None

Slow winter fishing on Lake of the Woods wasn't for lack of walleyes Recent assessments confirm strong walleye populations, biologist says.
LAKE OF THE WOODS -- Generally poor fishing this winter along the south shore of Lake of the Woods and a mediocre spring season on the Rainy River wasn't the result of low walleye numbers, a fisheries biologist says.
Sunday, April, 26, 2015 - Northland Outdoors - None

[VIDEO] Walleye - Live bait rigging for early summer success
Live bait rigging with leeches or nightcrawlers excels for fishing the edges of deep mid-lake structures.
Friday, June, 26, 2015 - Northland Outdoors - None

Rainy River warm-up comes just in time
CLEMENTSON, Minn. -- It was going to be a busy day for Wyatt Maas. Wyatt, 13, was the net man. He fished, too, but he was the designated fish-netter. Every time his dad, Todd Maas, or his grandpa, Rob Maas, tied into another Rainy River walleye, Wyatt would spring into action, wait for just the right moment and slip the net under another chunky silver and green specimen.
Sunday, April, 19, 2015 - Northland Outdoors - None

[VIDEO] AnglingBuzz: Jigging Rapalas Trigger Walleye Strikes
The erratic darting action of Jigging Rapalas triggers walleye strikes during the heat of summer.
Thursday, July, 09, 2015 - Northland Outdoors - None

Big fun on Big Windy New 'Crank Weight' system passes the big walleye test on Lake Winnipeg
LAKE WINNIPEG, Man. -- On a day when the lake sometimes called "Big Windy" was living up to its blowhard reputation, the adverse conditions we'd battled to get here Tuesday morning quickly were forgotten when the big red blip appeared on the depth finder screen. So what if the Canadian weather forecast, which called for northwest winds gusting to 60 kilometers per hour -- 30 mph for us four Americans -- was right, for a change? A big fish lurking below the 4
Saturday, March, 07, 2015 - Northland Outdoors - None

Anglers reel in odd walleye
STUMP LAKE, N.D. -- Father and son duo Joe and Mark Hastings of Hillsboro, N.D., had no idea how eventful their late June fishing trip would turn out to be, but now they have a fish tale for the ages.
Saturday, August, 09, 2014 - Northland Outdoors - None

AnglingBuzz: Fishing the transition from Spring into Summer
The onset of warm summer weather heralds not only comfortable temperatures for boaters and outdoor lovers, but a similar burst of activity beneath the waves as fish of all species begin exhibiting traditional summer behavior in earnest.
Friday, June, 19, 2015 - Northland Outdoors - None

The Ol
Saturday, August, 30, 2014 - Northland Outdoors - None

Fishing remains good on Red Lake
WASKISH, Minn. -- Gage and Grant Manske had an important job to do. The two shirtless boys, 12 and 10, were pulling frozen walleyes out of a pail and laying them side by side on a table to thaw.
Saturday, January, 31, 2015 - Northland Outdoors - None

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