Published November 16, 2012, 06:15 AM

Area fishing and hunting report

Ice is being reported in the bays, small river inlets and select spots on the Rainy River.

By: Herald Staff Report, Grand Forks Herald

Lake of the Woods

Ice is being reported in the bays, small river inlets and select spots on the Rainy River. Zippel Bay was frozen last weekend, thawed and re-froze, Morris Point Bay and Bostic Creek have skim ice, and the river is freezing along the reed edges and docks. Four-Mile Bay remains open, to the liking of duck hunters that have done well this week shooting divers.

Bemidji area

The buck harvest continued to be strong during the second weekend of the season, but there haven’t been many giant deer taken — just a nice mix of decent bucks. There are ducks to be had in the area, although hunting pressure has been light. With skim ice starting to form on the shorelines, fishing reports have been limited to a few die-hards still chasing muskies with large sucker minnows on area lakes.

Blackduck area

Deer hunters have done well, with the second weekend producing better numbers of big bucks. The rut appeared to shift into high gear between opening weekend and the second weekend of the season. Although duck hunting pressure is minimal, divers and northern mallards still can be had on the bigger bodies of water that remain ice-free.

Leech Lake

Heavy rains limited deer-hunting activity last Saturday, although hunters seemed content with the number of deer they saw through two weekends. Duck hunting pressure is minimal, but divers were evident last weekend and early this week on the bigger bodies of water. Fishing reports have been nonexistent this week.

Detroit Lakes

Deer-hunting reports indicated a good second weekend with more bucks in the mix. Most groups commented that they saw fair numbers of deer, including a lot of antlerless deer. Ducks seem to be moving through the area in good numbers and utilizing the bigger bodies of water. A few anglers continue to float large sucker minnows on Big Detroit Lake and Pelican Lake for muskies.

Lake Winnibigoshish

Skim ice has started to form on the area ponds and bays. Some of the smaller river channels also have a thin layer of ice, but the main portions of most larger bodies of water remained open earlier this week.

Park Rapids area

The ponds and shallow bays have skim ice, but it comes and goes with the wind and higher daytime temperatures. The second weekend of deer season didn’t produce as many big bucks as most hunters thought it would, and the harvest is down from last season, especially for antlerless deer.

Area waterfowl update

Devils Lake area: Waterfowl hunting is over in the Lake Region, reports Mark Fisher, district wildlife biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Devils Lake. Birds left the area last weekend, Fisher said, and Sunday was filled with constant migrating swans, Canada geese, snow geese and ducks. For the brave, there still may be some diver duck hunting on the main bay and East Bay of Devils Lake, Fisher said, but many of the back bays have begun to freeze, and diver duck opportunities will be limited with poor access to the lake in many spots.