Published November 09, 2012, 06:24 AM

Dakota Recreation Report for Nov. 9, 2012

Jamestown Sun

Nov. 9, 2012

Patricia Stockdill

Outdoor Notes:

Friday: Deer gun season opens. Any anglers should wear blaze orange when on the water for safety.

Saturday: Bobcat hunting, archery and trapping seasons open.

Sunday: Unit 1 sandhill crane season closes.


Devils Lake elevation, Nov. 7: 1,451.32 feet above mean sea level (msl).

Stump Lake elevation, Nov. 7: 1,451.39 msl.

Lake Sakakawea elevation, Nov. 7: 1,831 msl; 22,000 cubic feet per second average (CFS) Garrison Dam daily releases.

N.D. Game & Fish Dept. Dist. game wardens: Lake Ashtabula and Red River producing nice-sized walleye. No reports from other area lakes, Devils Lake, Lake Sakakawea, Lake Audubon or the Missouri River.

Devils Lake, Ed’s Bait & Tackle, Devils Lake: Limited activity but try the bridges using jigs and minnows for walleye.

Devils Lake, Lakeview Lodge, Devils Lake: Anglers finding some nice-sized walleye along N.D. Highway 20.

Devils Lake, Woodland Resort, Creel Bay, Devils Lake: Weather permitting, anglers continue finding nice walleye success using jigs or crankbaits. Angler numbers remain limited, though.

Jamestown Reservoir, Dan’s Sooper Stop, Jamestown: Not much activity.

Jamestown Reservoir, Pioneer Bait Shop, Jamestown: Fall walleye bite is on for the limited number of anglers going out but no other details coming in.

Lake Ashtabula, Bayshore, Valley City: Docks are off the lake with limited activity.

Lake Sakakawea, Cenex Bait & Tackle, Garrison: No activity on Lake Sakakawea, Lake Audubon or the Missouri River.

Lake Sakakawea, Scott’s Bait & Tackle, Pick City: Some northern pike and salmon success from shore on Lake Sakakawea but angler numbers are limited. Continued fair to good for walleye on the Missouri River but there are also few anglers on the water. Try jigs or Lindy rigs down river. Lots of small walleye but sort through for the keepers. Fair night bite for a few trout or salmon with some pike from shore but success isn’t what it normally is for this time of year. Try waders or from the rocks. Look for small walleye from the wing walls.

Lonetree WMA area lakes, Harvey: Coal Mine Lake closed until ice-over. No reports from other area lakes.

Missouri River, Dakota Tackle, Bismarck: Limited reports, although a few anglers still looking for pike in some backwater areas. Also try Alkaline Lake or Moffitt Creek.

Pipestem Reservoir, Dan’s Sooper Stop, Jamestown: No reports.

Pipestem Reservoir, Pioneer Bait Shop, Jamestown: Little activity.

Red River, River Keepers, Fargo: Walleye action has slowed around Wahpeton but northern pike hitting well on spinner-minnow combinations.

Spiritwood Lake, Dan’s Sooper Stop, Jamestown: No recent reports.

Spiritwood Lake, Pioneer Bait Shop, Jamestown: No activity.


N.D. Game & Fish Dept. game wardens: Major waterfowl movement took place over the past week with snow, cold and rain hitting much of the state. Many smaller wetlands iced over. Try scouting larger and deeper water in Richland and Sargent counties for mallards, snow geese, some whitefronts and lesser Canada geese. Earlier in the week, LaMoure, Logan and McIntosh counties held bigger snow goose numbers. Some success with big spread field decoying in harvested and worked cornfields. Scattered pheasant numbers in the southeast with a few roosters in counties on the edge of pheasant country in Cass, Barnes and Steele counties. Best numbers are likely south and west of Interstate-94 and U.S. Highway 281. Work CRP edges, shelterbelts and cornfields. Continued deer activity along the Sheyenne and James River valley areas with snow and colder temperatures.

Good numbers of snow geese throughout much of central N.D. with fair duck numbers in pockets. Wet weather slowing pheasant hunting activity.

Arrowwood NWR, Pingree: Duck numbers on the refuge drastically increased over the week, mostly mallards and other dabblers. Divers moving out, though. Several thousand Canada geese on the refuge with a few thousand snow geese and about 500 swans but no whitefronts. A few cranes linger in the surrounding area. Good numbers of birds north of the refuge earlier in the week with huge mallard flocks in Nelson County. Large numbers of snow geese still in northern Well County at mid-week. Look for increasing bird movement with weather change.

Lonetree WMA, Harvey: Good numbers of waterfowl remain throughout the region. Look for birds to stay until weather pushes them out.

North-central N.D.: Small area lakes and wetlands iced over with snow cover throughout the Turtle Mountains. Bow hunters reporting fair numbers of does and fawns with a few nice bucks out and about.

Northeast N.D.: Constant movement of waterfowl in and out of the region with continued fair to good success.

Southeast N.D.: Continued good waterfowl success with good bird numbers moving around.

West-central N.D.: Lots of waterfowl remain along the eastern end of Lake Sakakawea and Lake Audubon with fair to good pheasant numbers yet.

Numbers to know:

N.D. Game & Fish Department, main Bismarck office: 328-6300; website: (

N.D. Game & Fish Department, Jamestown office: 253-6480.

RAP, Report All Poachers: (800) 472-2121.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Bismarck, website: (