Published August 16, 2009, 12:00 AM

Turtle River State Park timeline

By: North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department,

Some key events in the history of Turtle River State Park:

1933: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt establishes the Civilian Conservation Corps as part of his New Deal to put unemployed Americans back to work.

1934: The North Dakota State Historical Society purchases 475 acres along the Turtle River and designates it as a state park. The first CCC workers from Co. 2770 in Grand Rapids, Minn., arrive in August and establish a tent camp near Larimore, N.D.

1936: CCC efforts continue, and a number of projects are under way.

n 1937: Construction begins on Woodland Lodge, and a swimming area and beach is created by damming the Turtle River.

1938: The State Parks Committee changes the name of the park from Grand Forks State Park to Turtle River State Park.

1940: The park charges entrance fees for the first time — 5 cents for pedestrians, 10 cents for a driver and car, 15 cents for a car and five passengers and $2 for a season ticket.

1942: The CCC program disbands, and all of the major projects at Turtle River State Park, including four overnight cabins and Woodland Lodge, are available for use.

1965: The North Dakota Legislature forms the North Dakota Park Service, which replaces the old State Parks Committee. The new agency eventually becomes the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department.

1997: Turtle River State Park offers temporary housing for people displaced by the Red River flood. The North Dakota Game and Fish Department for the first time stocks 2,000 rainbow trout into the Turtle River.

2000: A series of storms dumps more than 17 inches of rain, causing massive flooding in the park and damaging roads and historical buildings, including Woodland Lodge. Damage is estimated at $500,000.

2003: A ceremony marks recovery from the 2000 flood. The main bridge was replaced, and Woodland Lodge reconstructed on higher ground.

2007: Construction is completed on the Civilian Conservation Corps Memorial Visitor Center.

2009: Turtle River State Park marks 75th anniversary and dedicates new Visitor Center.