Though anglers and commuters alike have likely cursed the deep snow on the ground in Pequot Lakes, those who attended the Pequot Brush Pilots Snowmobile Club’s 26th anniversary Antique Snowmobile Rendezvous were likely on cloud nine.

Not only has the ground been covered with snow leading up to the event, but a fresh layer of fluffy snow fell between Friday, Jan. 17, and Saturday, Jan. 18, as the event was beginning. There were 117 vintage sleds on the noon trail ride Jan. 17 in Pequot Lakes, and racers and general enthusiasts alike took full advantage on the snow Jan. 18 when the event’s performance demonstrations took place in Trailside Park. That day also featured 214 sleds in a show along the Paul Bunyan Trail.

Honorary guests at the banquet at the American Legion included Bev and Ray Speckel, of Ideal Corners, and Carolyn Buss, founding member of the Pequot Brush Pilots.


  • Antique Original: 1968 Moto Ski Zephyr, Kory Jorgenson, East Bethel.
  • Antique Restored: 1945 Eliason Motor toboggan, Tony Rolfes, Sartell.
  • Vintage Original: 1969 Ski Daddler Wide Track, Maurice McAllister.
  • Vintage Restored: 1973 Arctic Cat Alley Cat, Wyatt Anderson, Goodridge.
  • Mayor’s Choice: 1963 Polaris Mountaineer, Jason Johnson, Belle Plaine.
  • Pequot Brush Pilots Club Choice: 1971 Arctic Cat Custom twin engine from Falcon Heights.
  • Oldest Operational Machine: 1929 Model A Ford Track conversion kit, John Hayes, Breezy Point.
  • Rat Sled: 1971 Rupp 29 Sprint, Dakota Greene, Hibbing.
  • Orphan Sled: 1968 Hustler Motrac, Jason Johnson, Belle Plaine.
  • Cutter: 1969 Kat Freighter, Kory Jorgenson, East Bethel.
  • Bumpy Trail Award: 450 Arctic Cat, Jeff Neilson, Henderson.
  • Best Snowmobile Suit: Viking Snowmobile Company of Twin Valley.
  • Farthest Drive: 479 miles, John Dorman, Exline, Iowa.
  • Youngest Driver: Stella Gottschalk, Kimball.
  • Oldest Driver: Harvey and Mary Denzin, Buffalo.
  • Tammy Hayes/Becky Saavey Memorial Award: 1962 Polaris L 55, Kelsey Acheson, St. Malo, Manitoba, Canada.
  • Peers’ Choice: 1970 Zephyr LT 175 Custom, Jason Johnson, Belle Plaine.