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Kevin Jeffrey of Grand Forks makes a cast from his cataraft Aug. 20 at the start of a fishing excursion on Hayes Lake in northwest Minnesota. Jeffrey has been fishing from a cataraft since the late '90s and says he likes the intimacy of hooking and landing fish so close to the water. (Brad Dokken photo)

Fishing With The Fishes

jhartSeptember 30, 2016
The east end of Lake Vermilion produces plenty of eating-size walleyes, while the west end produces mostly larger walleyes that fall within the lake's 18- to 26-inch protected slot limit. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is considering a change in walleye regulations on the lake. Sam Cook /

Proposed Regulations Could Help Walleye Anglers On Lake Vermilion’s West End

Sam CookSeptember 29, 2016

Mille Lacs: ‘The Bass Are Crazy-Big In This Lake’

Brian S. PetersonSeptember 16, 2016

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